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KEEN Arroyo II Hiking Shoe

Hooray Keen! They make great terrain shoes. When I say that I mean they make shoes that are versatile on any ground. They grip rock at extreme inclines even when the rain is pouring from thundering clouds directly above; they protect the bones in your feet while trudging down river; they will protect your toes when you kick a moose (in self defense). Backpacking Review does not condone wild animal abuse... or any animal abuse. These shoes have a stable sole. Because ... Read more

Day Hiking and Backpacking Mount Borah in Idaho

I grew up in Idaho and have been wanting to climb Mount Borah for a few years; basically since I started climbing mountains over the past little while, Borah has been on my list. I wanted to get it done this year, and I felt like October was the last month I would be able to check it off, without having to do a winter climb. So, my friend Kim and I set out with the idea to hike a few hours ... Read more

Adam’s Canyon Waterfall Day Hike in Utah

Adam's Canyon is beautiful! It's a moderately difficult hike that is about 4 miles round trip, and the end is worth the journey! The hike starts at a trailhead just North of Fruit Heights and is fairly popular. In fact, I have done this hike twice and saw at least 10 people both times. So, if you are a fan of exclusivity, this hike may not be for you. My suggestion is to get over this minor inconvenience and do this ... Read more

Day Hike to Lake Catherine and Sunset Peak from Alta, Utah

This is a great day hike up in the Wasatch Range. The trailhead is located up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Follow the road through the small town of Alta, and the road with turn to dirt. Follow the dirt road for a little ways until you reach the Catherine Pass Trailhead parking lot on the right. The trail to Catherine Pass is on the other side of the dirt road and heads East, slightly gaining elevation. It opens up into a small valley ... Read more

Angel’s Landing Day Hike in Zion’s National Park, Utah

Heights. If you don’t like heights, you might be one of the many who will turn back on this trail. From the main drag, the Scenic Drive, the trailhead for Angel’s landing is on both sides of the road. It is easily found on a park map. This hike is only 2.5 miles to destination, but it is a slow 2.5 miles on the way up. This trail is popular, and the tough incline slows many down, so don’t expect solitude. ... Read more

Hiking Hidden Canyon in Zion National Park, Utah

A great trail for those who like to get somewhere weird and fast (in a non-sexual way)…(but maybe also in a sexual way), all of Hidden Canyon trail can experienced in one half day. Heading north on the main highway in Zion, the trailhead is on the right and shares a parking lot with Weeping Rock Trailhead. Weeping Rock is worth the quarter mile there-and-back to see the over hanging raining arch. Before heading up, grab a sweatshirt to wear when ... Read more

Day hike up Avenues Twin Peaks in Utah

I just realized that there are 3 different sets of "Twin Peaks" in the Wasatch Mountain Range. Today I took the short hike to check off my second pair of twins -- the Avenues Twin Peaks. This hike was very easy. However, despite it's ease, it provides the best view of the sunset within 5 minutes of my house in Downtown Salt Lake. There are a few ways to get to these small "peaks" but the main ones are easily readable trails ... Read more

Merrell Moab Mid Gore-Tex XCR Hiking Boots

This is my first product review on my blog, and I thought I would start with one of the most important pieces of gear that I own, my hiking boots. I got these boots about two years ago after going on a backpacking trek to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho. I realized I had a limited supply of gear and was especially lacking in quality hiking boots. Check Out This Product On Amazon: I went to the local REI and picked out an ... Read more

Cecret Lake and Sugarloaf Peak Summit in Utah

This is a great little day hike if you want to catch an amazing view of the Wasatch Range, but you don't want to hike all day to get there. The reason it is a fairly short hike, but still provides majestic views is because you have to drive all the way up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Alta ski resort to get to the trailhead. This drive knocks of a huge chunk of distance and elevation needed to get to the ... Read more

Day Hiking to Boulder Lake, McCall, Idaho

This hike is a super easy 1.3 mile hike to Boulder Lake from Boulder Meadow Reservoir. For how easy it is, you get a very remote feeling although you can see the town of Lake Fork and McCall from viewpoints. Solitude is not its best attribute, unless you hike farther up to the higher lakes in this small drainage. This is a great, quick backcountry hike for beginners or for a quick experience with lots of easy peaking around and some ... Read more
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